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“Persistency during a task execution is the

key to success.”

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Founder & CEO of Jasmi's Corporation

“I was always passionate about quality food and I wanted people to experience what I enjoyed at a reasonable price.”

Vice President of Jasmi's Corporation

“Learn from yesterday's mistakes, work harder today, achieve a better tomorrow.”

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"Our staff are the most important means of communicating our brand to our customers. They are trained to the highest standards to ensure that customer experience is one that customers remember and keep coming back for."



J the fries

Jasmi’s is recognized as a quick-service restaurant with significant market share in the food service industry that has been dominating the Kingdom of Bahrain since 1986.


With 30 stores strategically located around Bahrain,

Jasmi’s consistent efforts in providing the best quality ingredients and customer service in order to satisfy consumers’ needs has gained them tremendous loyalty over the years. Originating as a family business, the company is continuously developing new ways to sustain their

business in hopes of meeting with the economy’s growing demands.


Jasmi’s is committed towards maintaining the highest standards of food quality, service and cleanliness in order to achieve customer loyalty and build long-lasting relationships with them.


Understanding the constant changing needs and demands of consumers and adopting various kinds of offerings has enabled Jasmi’s to provide something for everyone in the past 30 years. Adhering to its mission and vision through clear planning and support for customers and employees alike, Jasmi’s has become a phenomenal success and an important identity for the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Customer satisfaction allowed Jasmi’s to attract new customers in competitive business environments, and whether it is a dine-in, take-away or a delivery, Jasmi’s ensures that its whole experience focuses on service, cleanliness and quality of the food. 

J the fries


Jasmi's vision is to be the best healthier alternative in quick service restaurants while its mission is to be customers’ favorite and top choice in the quick service restaurant industry. It does this by focusing on every aspect of food selection and ensuring its preparation and presentation while aiming at efficient customer service and placing a special emphasis on quality. This process involves careful observation and scrutinization and is benchmarked with the highest international standards in order to yield effective results.

J the fries

Jasmi’s values its employees just as much as it does its customers, as employee engagement leads to increased job satisfaction which consequently leads to greater output for the company and overall better service for customers.


The operations at Jasmi’s revolve around a strategy that captures customer loyalty and delivers exceptional customer service. Jasmi’s continuously looks to their customers for feedback on their performance. By aligning their vision, mission, and business strategy, Jasmi’s is able to create a culture of engagement that encourages feedback from all parties. Furthermore, by exceeding their high standards on a daily basis, staff and customers remain loyal which enables a continued growth of the business. 


All staff are required to undergo in-house rigorous training in order to strengthen and improve their skills in the needed department. The training program involves a predetermined quota of hours in back office, back kitchen, font of the house service, health and hygiene departments before qualifying to become a Jasmi’s customer service representative. With over 1,200 employees, training and development is crucial and a high priority.


Training programs at Jasmi’s have certainly paid off for the company, its  employees and customers. As a result this lead to a reduction in the turnover among its team members.

J the fries



Jasmi’s is looking to franchise its concept to the rest of the GCC countries and eventually to go global in the near future. After successfully franchising in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, many Gulf countries and beyond are showing interest in being part of the franchise team. New plans are currently being signed off and a feasibility study has been drawn up in order to tap into markets with potential prospects. 

Franchise Info
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